Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy halloween~


2day is a wonderful day !
early morning go fetch him d... haha, v still share the same umbrella..
after dat enjoy my delicious baskin robin ice cream -> Yummy!!
2day v all 18 ppls go red box !! wow !! amazing ! although dis was not the 1st time v go in a group !
i like singing veri much ! sing till like " siao po" in the room ! sumore still run 2 other ppl room sing !! i think i m crazy !
but got a few ppl juz sit quietly in the room. if dun1 sing dun go red box !!
v take a lot a lot of pictures! some take in the toilet n in front of the toilet kok !!!
the most crazy thing i do is fetch 7 ppl wit my "small" car !! my car heavy till difficult to move !! haha..
sumore v all still veri worried whether will got saman from policeman !! haha ^^
my fren bcome sardin fish 2day!! i m so sorry, fren !!
no money buy a bigger car !! u all juz endure wit it la as long as v happi n enjoy !!
i hope dat v still have the chance to hang out 2gather !! i love M64 all so much!!
hope dat our frenship will last forever !!
WOW ! i m so tired 2day !! but dat not reli important as long as i veri enjoy myself 2day!!
Yeah yeah yeah !!!! By the way , 2day is 31/10 -> happy halloween 2 every1 !!

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