Friday, January 21, 2011

Holidays is to ENJOY ~

My 1st day of Holidays : Pavilion, KL
i like the CNY deco at here so much ^^

Here it's me ^^
look so cheerful when exam is OVER ~

I had beat all 4 of the drums :
Good Wealth, Health, Prosperity n Peace~
After bought movie tickets,
went to have lunch at Tony Roma's Restaurant.

Cod Fish with Garlic Scampi Butter !
Yummy ~ Yummy !!
The food here is very delicious ^^

my little bear bear ^^
look so innoscent !
After having lunch, its shopping time.
Walk ... Walk ... walk ~~~
feel tired easily because yesterday used up too much energy.

Having rest b4 continue shopping XD
After a little while, energy charge up !
ok ~ lets continue shopping ^^
haha ... end up went bc ard 8 smth.
2morrow gonna go to IKEA n 1 Utama !
going to bed now ^^ Nitez ~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


2day not really in good mood.
Performance in answering question had deteriorated.
Exam i s**ks !
It really drives me crazy.
Perhaps, i'm overloaded myself with pressure.
Sometimes, i'll just automatically woke up at the middle of the night.
Worried of can't finish my revision.

2day even worse,
don't know whats wrong with me.
Suddenly wake up cause of stomachache ><
and again when i need your cares,
you are NOT THERE ! You just went off to the bed !
Sometimes i really wonder why you rather watching comics ,
playing dota, staring at the computer instead of caring about me.
Speechless !

i'm study alone 2nite
with a cup of hot Milo to comfort my stomach

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Exam-ing ~

January always is the exam period for Tarcians.
While everyone went shopping n shop for their CNY clothes,

We r struggling at home T.T
Pressing calculator , doing tutorials , studying for the exam ^^
The exam life is "undescribable".
cRazy, InSane, MiseraBle, n blah blah blah .... ...

Because i have to spent my whole day , sitting in front of the desk n study.
Cramped my little brain with different subjects' formulaes.
they do fight with each others sometime n this make me @.@
Seeing Starsssss * *

i had No CHOICE but to do this
because this semester all the SUBJECTS need practice !
i m totally weak in calculation subjects n yet i choose 2 study dis course

Finally, i only left 2 more subjects to go.
After that, i will enjoy my holidays~
Gonna go for shopping, movies !
After that go work at Genting ^^

Holidayss , i'm coming to u !

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 ~

新的一年,事事顺利! 心想事成~


2011's Goals:
1: 我要去做工赚钱,再考虑要不要买DSLR。
2: 我想让一切不开心的事情随它而去。
3: 我会很努力读书,同时也要享受生活! 人生没有Take 2 ^^
4: 减肥计划照旧^^ 与理想体重已经不远了^^ 新年可不要肥回来><

暂时只想到这一些, 哈哈^^
再想到的时候再写吧 !!