Thursday, December 31, 2009

gud bye 2009~

juz wake up & stil sleepy.
2day is the last day of 2009.
2day will be the last day i enjoy the life of 19 years old,
what will my life look like wen i m 20 years old ???
mayb still the same ~

what i had done in 2009,
i not so sure about it ...

my hair grow longer,
i successfully lose weight ^^
then i 2gather v my current bf ...
juz remember all nonsense, haha ~

time past very fast n i muz appreciate the last day of 2009
although later still need go college ><

Friday, December 25, 2009

sad christmas

i do accept u bc as my frens,
but pls dun touch my broken heart...

...coz it really hurt

Friday, December 18, 2009

Enjoy the BUSY life

i must learn to enjoy the busy life,
coz the busy life will continue until... ...
next year end of JAN where the final exam is over

din update my blog 4 1 months plus d,
haha... som yi oso complain liao ^^

so let's recapture what had happened last week ^^
last sun went frens reunion at Little Cottage,
its had been a long time din meet all of them ^^

after dat, lao gong come n fetch me coz 1 2 giv me a surprise.
ya, i m so surprise ~~~ coz he is bringing the rose 2gather
sumore he is driving myvi dat time
den he fetch me go gurney celebrates last valentines of 2009

i juz finished the S.I.S.E Presentation yesterday,
so relieve that finally it's over coz lao gong had been suffered with the coding for past few weeks
i'm so worried dat miss kee will criticize our system...
Phew.... luckily she doesn't do dat.
she say a lot .... but i juz manage to listen "quite a good system, Well Done"
yea, this is the time where the hard work really paid off.

i will work hard for the rest of the subjects ~~~
it's still a Long Journey for me to go on ...

=== Gambate ===