Saturday, October 1, 2011

Girls Outing ~

2day went to shopping mall with my roommates.
It took us around 1 hour to dress up ourselves >___<
Somemore not including make up! ( Actually we don't know anything about make-up ^_^)

Enjoy our lunch at U-Village in Sg. Wang.
Such a Yummy "Wan Tan Mee" ~
Start our shopping journey right after lunch ^^
I was searching for L'O'real Professionals Shampoo, conditioner and darling's hp casing.
Then, we are looking for some pretty clothes and shoes.

When we are busy picking up some stuffs at the basement,
the security just ask us to move aside.
Out of sudden, I saw she walked pass by me.
I'm stunned !! Ohhh, is her, 佘诗曼 ^^
She is so adorable, slim and friendly ~
So glad to met her !

Emily suggests us to have diner at McD before went home.
I had Fillet-O Fish as my dinner =)

It was a different kind of feeling when you hang out with girls only.
Because girls can continuously chit-chat for a few hours !
And Nobody will urge you when you are busy choosing and trying your clothes, shoes and etc
Can share foods, drinks with each other;
loiter in cosmetic shops and buy lingeries together! How Nice ^^

So, I'm kind of tired right now.
Walked for so many hours.
Gonna OFF to bed ! Good Nite ppl^^