Monday, September 12, 2011

What a relaxing holiday ~

This sem break is so relaxing ^^
I enjoy it and utilize it to recharge myself.
No more burning midnight oil;
No more stressful life ~

(although it's just temporary, hardest sem gonna begin soon)

Mum pampered sis and me with lots of delicious food when we are back.
I guess she knows we miss Penang food so much.
So, basically holidays is just keep eating everyday.

Bro had his BBQ birthday party after few days we were back.
It has been so long time i didn't BBQ,
I'm kinda superb excited on that day ^^

Manage to meet up Somyi, having our girl chit chat for few hours!
Have gathering with diploma friends as w
It's awesome hanging out with you guys ^^
It's my 1st time went to 69 Mansion Club,
The ambient there is very suitable for chit-chatting with friends!
Seldom went to such places, cause not so prefer clubbing.. haha

Starts my fyp after 1 week of playing around~

But the progress is very slow.
Darling had helped me so much, thank you~
Obviously i'm not good in this field, OMG!
What kind of future engineer is this T___T
I prefer staying in the kitchen or had fun together v my oven.

Had attended relative's wedding dinner at Red Rock Hotel.
His wedding pictures is unique and nice cause captured at Taiwan!
LOLs, wish to have a nice one as well in the future =)
(dreaming to get married... jk jk)

Another happy moments is play lanterns with kids at aunty's house.
I got an angry bird lantern ^^
I'm an old kids who plays lantern every year.hehe

Yesterday, having lunch with darling's family at Kim Garry.
Pre-birthday celebration for darling's daddy.
Watched "Nasi Lemak 2.0" after our lunch ...
It's a nice movie ^^

Feels so reluctant to go back hostel,
but the memorable moments will accompany me all the time ~

:. Diner in Smoky Jacks at Upper Penang Road with friends .:

:. A day together with Darling's family at Queensbay .:

:. Together with my handsome bear bear .:

So SAD because I had gained so much weight in this sem break

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