Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another satisfied result ~

2day is the day where my last sems result is released by the exam unit.
OMG... i m kind of superb nervous !!!

Coz my supervisor had told me earlier that she actually saw my result,
she said it is not bad and is among the top 5 ranking if not mistaken.

I'm like Huhh, are you kidding me ? Impossible right I'll be in the top 5.
But 2day, I'm kind of OMG! What she said is true !!! lolsss ^^
I'm like Wowssss ^^ when i saw the result pop out on the screen!


B+ for the English paper.
My English is poor, so no chance to score straight "A "

After scarifying my sleep time for several weeks.
my hard work finally paid off.
But this time, LUCKS is on my side.Thanks GOD ~

So, today went to SAKAE Sushi for celebration with darling.
After that had my hair cut and hair treatment.
So, I'm broke again... T_____T

Here are some pictures update:

I love all these clothes !! == Princess in Fitting Room==

Well, it's time to start my study life again~
Play less, Study more =)
I belief this sem will be tough as well due to it is my last sem.
WORK HARD for it ! Gambatte , xinyi ~~

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