Sunday, June 28, 2009

like my straighten hair ~

i went hair saloon 2day n have my hair cut...
the hair dresser help me temporary straighten my hair ^^
and i veri veri like it !!!

here is some of the pictures ^^

heehee ... bz snapping pictures in the room using sis hp ^^

2day my sis oso cut her hair...
but my mum say she is juz like a boy ><
she is totally different STYLE wit me ^^

on the way to Qb stil bz snapping pictures in daddy's car ^^
haaha... my sis is oso same as me ...
both oso very 自恋狂 ~ Haahaa ~
2day playing hide n seek v xiao lao gong at Qb..
haahaa, but he say is playing chasing rather than hide n seek.
coz he keep chasing me from behind ^^
heehee.. who ask u 1 giv me suprise n dun1 let me noe u oso go Qb.
Syok Syok ^^ Blek :p
Xiao lao gong ask i read my phone msg b4 he went 4 dner at Secret Recipe ^^
and the msg sound like dis : " 好 leng lui "
haahaa ... after dat i went Secret Recipe meet xiao lao gong parents n say Hi!
mami keep cakes 4 me and i have a bite of it b4 i left ^^


Y.S.Seong said...

wah...好 leng lui o~~~~lao po the hair strenghten very nice o ...

Y.S.Seong said...

enen~~~ haha of cos surprise u from behind more excited ma....^^ then came from behind ^^

miliMIKE said...

haha..your hair cut quiet nice. not like me, long time din cut my hair d. so ugly! choice, coz no money

.: 白痴1号 :. said...

haahaa, mike ar ...
u go cut hair at Extreme ehh
i oso dun hav money go there cut la ><