Tuesday, February 10, 2009

holid@y's Plan ~

wahahaa .. 哈哈 ^^
so late d n i havent zzZ yet.
haha , i lying sum1 dat i 1 slp liao de.
but... i m still here.
dis is bcoz i m 2 xcited d.
i met my old schoolmate at qb juz now.
after dat v having a chat thru msn
n he sent me the prince of tenis URL 4 me thru msn.
thank you veri veri much peai juen.
next time will treat u de. haha
now, i can watch my favourite anime ady ! yeah ^^v
i oso sent the link 2 my kor kor !
since all of us love prince of tenis so much!!

den after dat ... ...
suddenly pop out 1 guy called S.P kampung kia ah ten
haha... jk jk . he said dat since every1 so free during holidays
den y dun v hav a plan n hav a gathering over penang.
v oso can take dis opportunity call out all beloved M64's classmates.
n i wil b the tourist guide + driver
wuwuwuwu ... pitty me
but nvm la , it is my pleasure 2 handle dis duty
but i m a 路痴. So if every1 missing i duno har .. hehe

v wil hav a meeting on msn n confirm the final date of the gathering
it seems like will be a great gathering !
期待!!! 待!!!

1 comment:

Y.S.Seong said...

bo...tin hua...
nvm be our guide ba..Lolx..altot i am pp kia lolx...