Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'll miss u a lot ~

Do u blif dat i'm crying while writting dis post?

My sis, used 2 call her dat ady n she wil go working @ GENTING.
juz now she came n say gud bye 2 my family coz she is leaving 2molo.
i hug her b4 she left, n after dat my tears dropped down...
i noe ... i will miss her veri MUCH !

The childhood memories start playing in my mind...

I stayed at my aunty hz since i was a little cute baby.
i call them mama , papa , sister n brother.
there is a real HARMONY home 4 me.
dat y i only bring xiao lao gong bc aunty hz ^^
Every1 love me veri much ^^
n i can feel their LOVES ~

i stil remember my sis teach me STUDY while i'm in standard 1.
As times passed by, now i m her daughther tuition teacher ^^

while i m study in secondary skol,
she gave me pocket money wen i help her iron her clothes ^^

she wil let me slp on her bed n she slp on floor wen i go oveernite at her hz

she even wil bring me go meet my bf .. heehee dat time i m in f4

she wil bring me go everywhere she go ^^

although both of us have 10 years age gap,
i share everytin v her...

but now, she is leaving...
i cant meet her d wen i go aunty hz...

nvm then, i wil find her in dis semester break

Sister's farewell @ Sunset BISTRO

last picture b4 she go working at Genting ^^

Sis, all the best 2 u !!
n i wil help u take care papa n mama ~


Y.S.Seong said...

enen.....xiao lao po sis so gud o.... drive u go everywhere kok...^^

.: 白痴1号 :. said...

heehee .. ya lor ^^
veri sayang me ma ~

Y.S.Seong said...

enen~~~~ so xin fu~~~ haha ^^